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Our goal is to provide excellent and affordable legal representation to residents and businesses in Oregon and Washington.  We help clients with a diverse range of legal matters, including estate planning, establishing and restating different kinds of trusts, ERISA compliance, and executive compensation issues.  Our office has the specific skills and experience needed to protect you, your family, and your business in these practice areas.

Oregon and Washington Estate Planning

Estate planning should be viewed as an essential part of your financial planning. If done properly, it can protect your assets during your lifetime and help your loved ones immensely in the event of your passing. Our office provides compassionate legal counsel as you tackle the estate planning process. Neda D. Soofi, a respected estate planning attorney, helps her clients draft a wide array of essential documents tailored to their individual needs, including

  • Will Preparation – We can prepare a will for you to ensure that your property is distributed in accordance with your wishes, rather than leaving it to the default Oregon or Washington laws to make those decisions on your behalf.
  • Powers of Attorney – We can prepare the necessary legal documents to designate a person you trust to manage your financial affairs on your behalf.
  • Advance Directives/ Health Care Power of Attorney – Oregon and Washington laws allow you to clearly state your wishes for end-of-life care. We can help you complete these documents while you are in good health, thus avoiding having someone you may not have designated make those important decisions on your behalf.

Trusts as an Estate Planning Tool

One way to protect your assets during your lifetime and ensure they are distributed per your wishes after your death is through the creation of a trust.  A trust can hold your assets during your lifetime. After your death, a successor trustee, whom you have appointed, will take over your trust estate, value the assets, and distribute them in accordance with your wishes.  We can draft revocable and irrevocable trust agreements to accomplish these goals. If you have an existing trust, we can help you with the review, amendment, or restatement of the trust if desired or necessary.

ERISA and Executive Compensation Plans

Today, designing qualified and non-qualified benefits plans for your company is more complicated than ever. We can help you find the right retirement plan for your company and your employees while making sure you stay up-to-date with IRS standards and compliance. When you work with our office, you benefit from Neda Soofi’s years of experience with creating and maintaining 401(k) Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, Savings Plans, and other various retirement plans. You will receive guidance and information to help you choose which option is best for you. We can also help you with a whole range of executive compensation plans. Further, we help clients with the IRS and DOL audits of retirement plans and Employee Plans Compliance Resolution System (EPCRS) including Voluntary Compliance Program (VCP).

When you need assistance with estate planning, drafting trust agreements, designing compensation plans for your business, or dealing with IRS and DOL audits or compliance issues, contact Soofi Law Office, LLC at 503-972-0404.

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